The concept behind DigitalPUSH

Our platform is built around Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging ( FCM ). Google was nice enough to allow people free usage of their Firebase Cloud Messaging, therefor we built a platform that works with it.

The obvious question now is: If FCM is free why use DigitalPUSH?

The answer is quite easy. FCM allows you to send push notifications and gives you the means to subscribe your visitors to your notifications but it lacks the segmentation and storage, and implementing it could prove quite a challenge even for advanced programmers. This is where DigitalPUSH comes in handy.

What does DigitalPUSH actually do?

Our service basically takes something rather complicated to use and puts it into an easy-to-use and accessible interface. Aside from that we also add segmentation features and storage to a webmaster's subscriber base.

  • We store your subscriber base for you
  • We add various segmentation options to your subscriber base so you can easily target your audience
  • We handle the distribution of your push notifications
  • We create statistics and reports of delivery for you
  • We let you schedule your notifications

In one sentence, DigitalPUSH makes your life easier by placing your needed tools at hand.

The service is free so... What's in it for us?

One may think that the quote "When a product is free, you are the product" would apply to DigitalPUSH as well, but that's not the case.

DigitalPUSH does not collect or distribute marketing data like other "free" services do. Our income comes from the members that activate the monetization feature, hence why we strongly recommend enabling this feature so that aside from monetizing your visitors in a safe and non-intrusive way, we get to maintain our service availability.

The monetization feature we offer allows our members to earn up to 85% of the advertising revenue generated by their subscribers. Our income consists of the remaining 15% which is used to cover our costs and maybe put some money into our team's pockets as well.

Written with passion by
Demetrius Tautu, founder of DigitalPUSH